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Creating a Fun-kadelic Style with Afro Hair Wigs

One of the most popular styles of costume wigs that we offer is the Afro Hair style. These Afro Wigs are sculpted in the style of some of the most famous people and fashions to come to the attention of the world. You will be a hit in one of our wigs and easily recognizable as whatever character or personality you want to be for an evening. If you are looking for an element to add fun to any event, we also carry multi-colored and outrageously styled Afro hair wigs. Best of all, none of our wigs are going to eat up your whole costume budget. They can provide the perfect finishing touch to whatever image you want to present.

Creating Believability and Keeping Comfort

If you are looking to recreate a period of fashion, we have the best Afro hair wigs for you. From wild and full Afros to the flat tops of the 80s you will be immediately identifiable. Our wigs are made from the finest materials which means you don’t have to worry about trailing hairs all over your host’s house from your wig falling apart on your head. Another constant comment from our customers is how comfortable our Afro hair wigs are to wear. The quality of the synthetic hair is one element of a good costume wig, but how it is fitted to the cap that then fits to your head is the determining factor for comfort. You don’t want something that is so loose it will slide out of place if you turn to check out someone beside you, and you definitely don’t want something so tight it will give you a headache. All of our costume wigs are fitted to caps that stretch and hold to the natural shape of your skull for increased comfort.

Celebrity and Character Afro Wigs

Some popular costume ideas for the season that always are crowd pleasers are dressing up as Mr. T or Don King. The outrageousness of their personalities is perfectly captured in the Afro hair wigs inspired by them. Here is a helpful tip for keeping your Don King Afro standing tall, don’t overdue the hair spray. Use a small amount at the beginning and in the middle of the evening, no more than one pass over or you will add too much moisture and weight to the hair. Our celebrity Afro hair wigs are pre-styled to capture the perfect resemblance and the style will hold up without much additional help at all. A once over with some spray will help your Afro hair wig stand up to dancing, or jumping out of planes and buses, depending on how far you want to take the celebrity impersonation.

Fun Afro Hair/Wigs

We have a selection of multi-colored Afro hair wigs that are perfect for sporting events, parties and other celebrations. These brightly colored wigs are color fast so you don’t have to worry what will happen if you get a cooler of sports drink dumped over you in the heat of victory. Make sure to order your wig now to have it for your event.