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What are some words to describe 1920s hair? Does it make you think about Hollywood starlets of that decade, fun, sassiness, or glamour? If you chose all of the above, then you are correct! All of the above!

It is not so easy to have your own hair do exactly what you want it to. If you have self-bleached your hair one too many times, then you most likely suffer from a sore scalp! Throughout history, both men and women have used wigs to cover their unsightly hair or patches and bald spots. Some wigs are just utterly embarrassing, while others are quite convincing. Of course, there was an era in which wigs and its glamorizing appeal was celebrated.

The 1920s was an era of beauty, elegance and regalness for women, and hair styles played a fairly significant role in this. A woman with poorly styled hair was probably looked upon as a fashion disaster. Of course, not every woman had the means and hair necessary to dawn impeccably styled locks, hence the importance of wigs. Many styles of this era emerged as a result of the WWI era.

Hair has always served as a fashion icon, taking on a vibrant personality of its own. In the 20s, and many other eras, it was undoubtedly a status symbol and indicator of beauty among women. What did wigs have to offer women? Convenience. They were already styled according to the most celebrated trends of that time.

There were many hairstyles that iconized the 1920s. No longer subject to the dowdy appearance of long curly locks, and finely sewn dresses as heavy as bed comforters. Some women decided to wear wigs in order to save time and money. The ancient Egyptians used to shave their heads bald because it was more comfortable in the heat. Maybe the wig wearers of the 1920s did the same. The bob, shingle cut, Eton crop, Finger and Marcel waves are just some of the most iconic cuts and styles for women in the 1920s.

Are you preparing for a grand entrance at a much anticipated costume party? Consider showing up as a 1920s flapper girl. Why? Because most people will be dressed as something else, and you definitely want to stand out. Halloween isn’t simply reserved for racy outfits or unsightly monster costumes. Add a tinge of elegance, flare, and subtle rebellion to the mix, and don’t forget the wig! For the perfect bob, shingle cut, Eton crop, or waves, select the perfect 20s wig. You cannot be a convincing 1920s girl without a wig that accurately identifies this era. The outfit is a must, but the perfect hairstyle will truly do the job. Whether you are looking for the perfect addition to an amazing, zany outfit, or you have a strange fixation with 1920s hairstyles, you can select among a variety of 20s wigs.