Treasure Troll Wigs - Hairstyle Available in many colors!

What exactly is a troll, and why would anyone want to be one? Traditionally, it is an impish, small being that starts trouble! More specifically, it is a prominent figure of Norse mythology, and it is endowed with supernatural capabilities. They have come a long way from Scandinavian Folklore, and have notably influenced American folklore. Even with their Germanic roots, they still possess a universal appeal. No matter where you are in the world, folk stories consist of contemptuous characters who seek ways to wreak havoc. This is just a universal element of all folk stories.

We’ve heard about these mischievous little creatures in childhood stories, and they are intended to generate a certain degree of fear. But, this is perfectly normal. People dress up as trolls for costume parties and Halloween, as well. So, why has this tiny, mischievous creature proven to be so popular throughout the ages? The answer to this will derive from our subscious needs as a culture and society. There is a reason why small, impish villains appear in virtually every childhood story, and truthfully, they make these stories entertaining.

So you’re at a costume party, and everyone there is dressed to impress. And in walks you, dressed as a troll. Everyone gazes at you disdainfully for not dressing up as a celebrity or iconic figure. Sometimes, its fun to play the role of a bad little troll! Every story needs a villain, and so does every costume party. Traditionally, trolls and other villains, make appearances in stories in order to generate conflict and tension. There would be no build up without a villain, nor would their be any anticipation without the presence of a villain. Heck, there would be no climax and resolution at the end of a story without any troll like characters.

As a society, we truly do crave the mischievous acts of a villain in pop culture and other medium because ty makes things exciting! For this reason, some people purchase troll wigs in order to assume that somewhat cute, yet, villainous role. Doing so gives them an edge, and allows them to fulfill the very excitement they experienced when being read their childhood stories.

Trolls are loved for a few reasons. They are purchased as toys, as well. Although they are conventionally perceived as contentious trouble starters, there's a cute element to them. Strangely, they are both cute and hideous at the same time. They rounded, pudgy wrinkly features are almost like that of an adorable pug or bull dog. Therefore, if you want to be that cute, yet, sinister individual at your next costume party, choose this particular look.

Various sites sell such wigs. If you are unfamiliar with its distinct style, its hair notably consists of a vertically, upright, flame shaped, colored lock of hair. If this appeals to your quirky sense of style, then be the bell of the ball in an eccentric troll outfit. There is something truly endearing about this mythological creature!