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The Bob Haircut

The bob haircut echoes of timeless style, beauty, elegance, and poise. It has scared off long-haired loving men, and transcended generational lines. It has served as a bold statement for women who resent the traditional image of beauty, communicating both appeal and toughness. However, this haircut did not simply begin in the 20th century. It has a daring edge and a distinctly vintage quality that has echoed throughout time, since the days of Joan of Arc.

The bob has been work in a variety of ways, depending on the era. Many formidable, strong female figures have sported the bob historically, and they are Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Amelia Earhart, all powerful, reputable figures of history. The bob undoubtedly stands for strength and is commonly worn by female celebrities today.

It is believed that Joan of Arc’s herself served as a fashionable inspiration of the 1920s motivating empower women to model after her. When famed hairdresser Antoine introduced this style formally to his hair salons in 1909, he mentioned Joan of Arc as a potential source of inspiration. Cleopatra had an obvious influence on the 1920s flapper attire and hairstyle. This haircut was originally embraced in the United States when Irene Castle showcased the novel style, and influenced the masses to adopt it, as well. Women felt liberated by the idea of chopping of their long locks.

There were many external and societal pressures that influenced the emergence of the bob. For example, World War I required that women play a more active role in society, and shorter, military styled hair was a natural consequence of this. Although the bob has been adopted by individuals of many eras, it will always be distinctly 1920s, an era in which women petitioned for more rights and disregarded the cumbersome demands of traditional female stereotypes.

As observed in subsequent eras, the bob increased slightly in length in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and so on. Today, in 2013, many vintage inspired starlets proudly showcase their 1920s inspired bobs on the red carpet. Furthermore, bobs have become a common fixture in everyday fashion. Even in today’s age, they range from long wavy bobs to flipped bobs. They are a prized hairstyle for powerful women of status, and they defy conventional norms of female beauty.

It is unclear as to whether wigs have played a significant role among bob enthusiasts. This style is relatively simplistic and attainable. However, today’s market sells wigs styled in a variety of ways-. Bobs are one of the most popular cuts. They can be worn for costumes, or even everyday wear.

Bobs have a vast legacy because they are versatile, and not constricted by the time of a particular era. They transcend time and can fit virtually any face. Although bobs often signify power, they are also a pragmatic hairstyle choice and require very little maintenance. If you are fascinated with this Joan of Arc inspired hairstyle, bravely get a haircut, and show it off.