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What were some of the hairstyles in the 80’s?

In the 80’s, it was widely agreed that bigger was better. Humorously enough, massive volume, length, curls, waves, and perms equated to beauty. While gaudy in today’s context of hair and fashion, “bigger is better” was an adage that certainly echoed throughout the eighties, leaving its bold residue on early nineties hairstyles, as well.

Mullets, perms, jheri curls galore-the fascinating hair wonders of the 1980s. Hair product was in excessive demand at the time, as ample activator, hairspray, hair gel and perming kits were needed in order to achieve these unusual hairdos. Of course, the alternative to this was a wig, which many individuals wore to forgo the costs associated with routine hair salon visits and hair product.

The hair of the 80s was totally rad and varied greatly in its bizarre appeal. The first unsightly style was the horizontally challenged bangs, or rather, those that stood vertically upon one’s head. Why was this ever brought to the surface of the Earth? This question may never be answered. However, it is fun to humor oneself with this in retrospect.

The legend of the side ponytail cannot be forgotten, as it was popularized by the famed Debbie Gibson. But this is not even the most gaudy of all 1980s styles. Somehow, out of its shadowy depths, emerged the mullet, widely noted as the “business in the front, party in the back” style with a mysterious origin.

Nothing, however, epitomizes the eighties more than the long wavy perm and the jheri curl. Michael Jackson was known to wear wigs well throughout his adult life, as a result of an injurious burn. His wigs were often styled in the form of a once attractive 1980s jheri curl. Of course, this style no longer possesses the same appeal. This major pop icon was a prime example of someone who could adapt his wigs to the appropriate era, and he kept his 80’s inspired hairdo until the early nineties. Miraculously, there was even a female variant of the jheri curl for women fond of this horrible trend.

Giant perms were noted among many celebrities, including Madonna. These hairstyles entailed excessive length, waviness, volume and suffocating hairspray fumes. Many women, however, wanted the ease and convenience of showcasing their other-worldly hair volume to others. Hence, a wig was the most viable alternative in this situation. This was typically worn by women who wished to exude a certain degree of sex appeal, and stars with the most globally recognized beauty proudly showcased their oversized hair to eager onlookers.

Perhaps you are utterly fascinated with the gaudy appeal of 80’s hair. If so, perhaps your ideal costume party attire would consist of a full on, eighties get up, replete with leg warmers, mullet perm wig, and much more. There are a wide array of 80’s inspired wigs available on the market for those who wish to make a daring entrance into a modest costume party. The hair is the final touch to any era inspired costume, and the right wig can make an ordinary costume come to life.

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