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70's - Peace, Love, and Hair!

The 70s integrated all of the elements you would expect to see in such a liberal decade: freedom, sensuality, creativity, fun and expression. This era marked the transition from a previously conservative age, to one of abounding freedom. No longer were people placed into boxes and forced to follow a rigid set of rules. Women and all others were embarking upon new opportunities, and previous disparities were being cast out. This very dynamic is what gave rise to those swanky, long, voluminous hair cuts that dazzled the heads of both men and women. This era is particularly unique because long hair became more celebrated among men, as well. Even women had hair length restrictions imposed upon them in previous eras.

There are a few fundamental creative elements that the 1970s are generally noted for. And these are the music, which was considerably more funky, groovy and rhythmic than that of previous eras. It was almost as if prima qualities had become infused with everything 70s. Even those clothes were vibrant and bursting in color. In previous generation, attire was very conservative, restricted to specific color schemes, and very reserved. Etiquette was a significant facet of such time periods. However, was was previously classified as respectable and neat then became an obscure memory of the past. Just as clothing became more decadent and bold, so did hair. Afros became larger, and more prominent. One of the most notable examples of this hairstyle is that of the Jackson 5, as this was their trademark look during the span of the 1970s. Like other noteworthy pop icons, they influenced the masses with their hair choices.

Farrah Fawcett is one of the greatest 1970s hair icons, and her signature look simply cannot be ignored. Her hair could be classified simply as follows: blonde, flipped, layered, and voluminous. This signature style became known as the Farrah, and it has since been one of the most widely recognized hairstyles of the 70s. It overtook the industry with its daring nature, as well as its appeal. Women everywhere idolized this icon, and did everything within their power to emulate her. Hence, long, layered, voluminous hair became common.

The taboos previously associated with men’s hair and facial hair were disregarded in the 1970s. It became normal for professionals to exhibit some degree of facial hair, specifically mustaches. Furthermore, long hair on men was no longer stigmatized. In fact, the the dynamic was completely reversed in the sense that short hair was deemed strange. There was always a suave element to 1970s hair. It was untamed unrestricted, and by all means relaxed. In this sense, it was indicative of the values that emerged in the 70s. Justas hair was unregulated, individuals could now freely pursue their lives in the absence of strict social norms. Furthermore, the element of disco and dance added an additional tinge of liberation to this era, after many generations of stark conservatism. In other words, people in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s were pretty uptight in their hair and values.